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Did Everyone Miss That Coldplay Is Quitting After Their Tour?!

According to Billboard, Coldplay will be on an "indefinite hiatus" after their A Head Full Of Dreams album tour is over. 

Chris Martin told The Sun (according to NME) that they will be taking requests on this last tour. "What we will do on this tour is almost like a request segment. We'd ask people to give us a reason why they want us to play that song so there is a purpose behind why we play it."

According to the article from Billboard, nothing is off limits, either, which gives the fans from Coldplay's past a chance to hear their favorite live.

As of right now, the band has not announced their U.S. tour dates, but has dates for South America, Central America, and Europe tours.

Well, in that case, that makes the whole "Coldplay doing the Super Bowl" thing a lot more important.

Though it's a bit off time for now, here's our favorite 5 Coldplay songs, in hopes that the hiatus won't mean the band is flat out quitting.


5. Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall


4. Fix You (2005)


3. Yellow (2000)

2. Viva La Vida


1. Adventure of a Lifetime (2015)

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