5 Things You Need To Know In Pop Culture Today! (Dec. 10)

Here's a rundown of what's in the Pop Culture news this morning, corralled and curated for your viewing pleasure!

The Voice Semifinals: Jordan Smith Slays "Somebody To Love" By Queen

Backed by a gospel choir, The Voice contestant and Team Adam representative completely blows everyone away singing "Somebody To Love" by Queen. We think Freddie Mercury would be proud - especially those high notes. Watch it here:


Colbert Gets Michelle Dockery, Hugh Bonneville and Allen Leech To Read Downton Abbey Scenes With American Accents

The trio looks a little nervous as they read their lines with American accents, but then they start busting up laughing as they lay out their lines, and Allen Leech adds his own twist to the mix. Even if you haven't seen Downton Abbey, it's pretty hilarious. Watch it here:


The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Are Back!

TMNT 2: Out Of The Shadows is a thing, and it's got a new trailer for you to see! Sort of looks Avengers-esque - and Megan Fox, of course. The Turtles are pretty hilarious, and slightly psychotic. If the movie is as good as the trailer, it should be pretty good! The film is slated to appear June 2016. Check it out:


Charlie Puth and Selena Gomez Recorded A Duet Together!

Good guy Charlie Puth better keep those wild lips away from Selena Gomez! But regardless of his smoochtastic performance with Meghan Trainor this year, he's got another duet on the rise, this time with Selena! Sounds good so far - judging by this Instagram that Charlie shared - with Selena dancing and screaming in the background.


Madonna Heads To Paris, Sings "Imagine" With Crowd

Madonna gathered with the people of Paris at Place De La Republique, the square where people have left behind pieces as a memorial. She sang "Imagine" by John Lennon, which was a double tribute, given that it was the 35th anniversary of John Lennon's death. People in the crowd sang along with her.  Watch it here:


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