(Photo by Pablo Blazquez Dominguez/Getty Images)

You've Never Seen Pup Portraits Quite Like These!

Anne Geier is a photographer from a small town in Austria, and even though she's got a main day job, she likes to share her biggest passion through photography of the four-legged nature. Trust me, you've never seen pup portraits quite like these!

We stumbled upon AnneGeier.com through the site BoredPanda, and we absolutely loved the captures that Anne had of these furry friends. Check these out, and browse her website (which can be translated), and view more awesome pup snaps! Don't get discouraged by your Smartphone pictures of your pets though! All fluffy best buds deserve their snaps taken! You can also see more of her work by clicking the photo/Pintrest pin.


To see more, please visit her website at AnneGeier.com.


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