Sue Tabb...Missing Geoffrey, Ah Memories

I love all things holiday - the music, the merriment, even the maniacal mall madness. Come on, nothing says Happy Holidays like someone swiping the last half-price Barbie Beach Cruiser just seconds before you get to the front of the line. That's when I know it's officially "on." (By the way, what ever happened to the Barbie Sunshine Camper? One of my favorite toys EVER!) Anyway, I digress.

Now that my two daughters have outgrown the Barbie Beach Cruiser and have moved on to things like Lilly Pulitzer phone cases, Lululemon yoga pants and the iPhone 6 Plus, I find myself longing for the days when I would stand in line for hours to get an overpriced Talking Elmo doll or the High School Musical Dance Mat. Those were good times. I say that because you could go into a store like Toys R Us and load up the cart with some fairly inexpensive items - board games, dolls, trikes - and you would look like a real hero - thanks Geoffrey! The kids would have lots of things to open, but you could keep to a budget. Now the budget has gone up in a puff of smoke that smells a lot like expensive Hollister perfume. God, I miss those Toys R Us days. Geoffrey, can you hear me?

So on to Northface jackets and Justin Bieber tickets. I guess it could be worse. They aren't asking for Tiffany necklaces. Oh wait, that was on the list too. Darn, I really do miss that friendly giraffe.

PS. I just read that THIS year, more people will be lining up for those Black Friday sales, will you be one?