Meg Ryan: Rom-Com IT-Girl's Life Lessons

Today is Meg Ryan's Birthday, and with that, we have something to say: Meg Ryan, you've taught us oh-so-much through your roles in movies, and we'd love to share some with you. 

When Harry Met Sally Taught Us: Men and Women CAN Be Friends

Though Billy Crystal's character Harry Burns was the cynical one, and though they did fall in love at the end, they illustrated in their chemistry that there's an actual way that men and women can be friends, and how they bounced ideas off each other, and supported each other in a very strange but balanced way. Sure, people may think that it's just cinematic, but watching When Harry Met Sally, it gave the viewers some hope that some balance and friendship is extremely important in a relationship. Therefore, even though they fell in love, their friendship was that much stronger.


You've Got Mail Taught Us: People Are Different On The Internet

The premise of You've Got Mail is two people are chatting online and "getting to know each other." Though this is way more common now, here's a positive spin on the headline that "People aren't who they say they are on the internet." Though Tom Hanks portrays a pain-in-the-butt corporate business owner named Joe Fox, he shows his softer side to Meg Ryan's character, Kathleen Kelly, when chatting with her online. The positive spin? He shows her his real side using his words, and in the end, she realizes and accepts the good with the bad in Joe, and knows his true heart, soul, and personality, before really diving in deep into the relationship.


Sleepless In Seattle Taught Us: Follow Your Heart

Meg's character asks the most important question that we've all thought in a relationship: "What I really don't want to do is end up always wondering what might have happened and knowing I could have done something?" Most people always wonder "what if" and never take the chance. Well, Annie Reed took the chance to meet Sam Baldwin in New York, despite how crazy it sounded. And it was worth it.


Anastasia Taught Us: Knowing Your Past Helps Secure Your Future

Though the story of Anastasia is A. a twist on a "historical story," and B. a cartoon, Meg voices Anya, and proves that knowing that finding out your past (or - in our day and age, remembering it - since most of us don't have Amnesia), that understanding who you were helps you to realize who you are.


With all these lessons, Meg Ryan has taught us some of the most important fundamentals that you need in life. Thanks Meg!


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