(Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images)

Charlie Sheen To Announce He's HIV Positive

Charlie Sheen, actor and personality, is said to be giving his official statement that he is HIV positive on The Today Show with Matt Lauer tomorrow, the 17th. 

It is listed on The Today Show website that "Charlie Sheen will make a revealing personal announcement on Tuesday, November 17, in a sit-down interview with Matt Lauer."

The National Enquirer had caught wind of Charlie's diagnosis, and was attempting to release a whole expose on his condition.

"The ENQUIRER exposed how a notorious Hollywood womanizer was hiding a deadly health crisis. Our story –– headlined “Hollywood Superstar’s Desperate Battle With Aids!” –– did not reveal Sheen’s name."


As of right now, Charlie has not made any posts on his Twitter account, nor have any prominent celebrities spoke out on the news. We will keep you informed as the information arrises, and the recap tomorrow once he's announcement has been released. 


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