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Kate Winslet Gushes Awkwardly On Sex Scene With Liam Hemsworth

Kate Winslet has been the affection of many men in movies, but none quite like Liam Hemsworth, so it seems. 

And apparently her daughter is beyond frustrated that Mom got a crack at the heartthrob.

Liam, 25, and Kate, 40 (HECK YEAH, KATE WINSLET) have a few steamy scenes in her new movie The Dressmaker, and apparently she had a hard time keeping it together for the sex scenes.

Kate said in an interview for BBC that “When I told my daughter that I was shooting the scene that day she spluttered… I took it to be jealousy.”

Kate also admitted, according to US Magazine that she only knew his name prior because of The Hunger Games, and that Mia's friends were also very distressed of the news.

Obviously, you can see why:


We're sort of surprised she was as flustered at Liam Hemsworth as she was, given some of her other co-stars. So we decided to recap some of the men she's locked lips with in her other films!

Leonardo DiCaprio, Titanic 


David Kross, The Reader


Jim Carrey, Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind


Who's your favorite? Let us know!


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