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The #RedCups Are Coming! The #RedCups Are Coming!

*Insert uncomfortable groan of Bah-Humbugs here*

November 1 marked the release of those infamous Starbucks red cups, charging forth and claiming that "Christmastime is here."

And though we might not be quite ready for it (is anyone else still feeling Halloween- or is that just a few of us?) or charging forth with the best turkey recipes of all time, Starbucks has made this whole #RedCups thing the national symbol of holiday season kick-off.

I'm not ready yet. #redcups

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So much so - that even the #RedCup hashtag has it's own emoji:

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But there's one silver lining in the whole holiday season charging it's way in:

It's now "acceptable" to order a Peppermint Mocha.


The internet is so happy right now, they can't even contain themselves:

BRB - we need coffee.


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