Nancy Quill...Halloween Is Over, But Lady Gaga Is Still Very Scary In American Horror Story

Halloween is behind us but if you’re still up for being spooked, try watching any episode past or present of the American Horror Story series. I find myself watching with my eyes barely open half of the time. Somehow this makes the horror easier to digest. Doesn’t always work. As this season, Hotel, premiered with perhaps its most disturbing scenes to date, it featured Lady Gaga in all her vampiric glory. It’s not new to the American Horror Story franchise to bring singers in for a role or cameo. Adam Levine was featured in season 2, Asylum. Stevie Nicks appeared as herself in season 3, Coven. But wow, Lady Gaga sure has owned this one! She has continued to amaze with the depth of her talent from performing with Tony Bennett, singing a song from the musical The Sound of Music, and now this, playing the role of the Countess in eight episodes of Hotel. Rumor has it that the creator of the show has loved her work on the show so much, that he’s invited her back to appear in a future season of the series. So while you may have had your fill of ghosts and goblins this past week, take a peak at Lady Gaga in this season’s American Horror Story. If you dare.