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Gilmore Girls Reboot For Netflix Has A Twist

According to TVLine, the revival of Gilmore Girls will be set in mini-movies.

The way that this is supposed to work, according to TVLine, is that the show will be four 90-Minute episodes considered as mini-movies, one "season" per episode.

TVLine also shares that Daniel Palladino is going to write/direct the revival and it will be around 8 years after the normal series has ended.

The cast (Lauren Graham, Alexis Bledel, Scott Patterson, and Kelly Bishop) are said to be in talks to discuss/create contracts, but nothing has been confirmed by representatives of Warner Bros & Netflix, according to TVLine.

Lauren Graham took to Twitter when the revival was spreading like wildfire and said the following:

It also seems that Ellen DeGeneres is really excited about this whole idea:

Come on, Ladies. Please come back. We've got coffee for you.


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