Sue Tabb...Jeapordy Contestant Going For Longest Winning Streak

Oh Matthew. You make me want to watch Jeopardy again.
You know who I’m talking about. Matt Jackson is the 23-year-old paralegal who has already racked up over $230,000 in winnings and is still going strong after 8 wins on the popular game show. Even Alex Trebek is unnerved by this guy.
Matt stares into the camera during the show’s open (a signature move now being called the “snow-smile” and being emulated by celebrities and social media users), he fires off answers faster than you can blink, and he often gestures wildly with a resounding “Boom!” when he answers correctly. Other than that, he’s just a normal dude.
Seriously, I love that brainiacs are so quirky. It’s been a long time since we’ve had someone like Matt, but it makes watching Jeopardy fun again. He is just who he is - no nerves, no mugging for TV audiences no holding back what he is feeling. He is authentic and unpredictable. And quite possibly a flipping genius.
I suspect Matt cares little about his 15-minutes of fame. He may not even care about the money. I would guess he’s all about the number of wins he can achieve in an attempt to pass Ken Jennings, another well-known Jeopardy contestant who has the longest winning streak in the show’s history.
So maybe slow-smile jeopardy guy has it all figured out. Final Jeopardy will reveal all – anyone have a wager?