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Someone On Imgur Keeps Taunting Leo With An Oscar

In the case of "things that make us laugh," poor Leonardo DiCaprio is once again, the butt of our jokes. 

It's a common internet theme that Leo does not have any Oscars. Surprising, considering the roles he's taken on and how many successful films he's participated in.

So someone titled "IHasAnOscar" on the popular image site has posted images of their Oscar, near pictures of Leo in movies. It started like this:

Who ever has been taunting Leo saw this joke, made out of a scene from Wolf of Wall Street:

9-10-2015 4-03-46 PM


Because, everyone knows Leo doesn't have an Oscar, and so then he (because the hand is decidedly male) posted this:

9-10-2015 4-05-20 PM


So people started to get riled up. Then, he struck again:

9-10-2015 4-07-02 PM


Though Jezebel makes a compelling case that they think it's James Cameron, we're thinking that it's probably someone from Special Effects/Makeup - because, do you really think that James Cameron is updating Imgur from the toilet on his iPhone? I doubt it.

Make it count with The Devil In The White City, Leo. Martin Scorsese is counting on you.

Amy Cooper is a writer and pop culture fact nerd, and on multiple occasions has been referred to as a “Walking iPod.