Mark Laurence...Movie Pass, A Great Deal

This summer I splurged on a MoviePass, which lets you see almost every brand new movie in the theater, for a flat price of $30/month. I’ve made it worthwhile so far, and since the beginning of summer I’ve seen 24 movies! You might think there were a lot of duds in that adventure, but I took a look at my entire list and realized only 3 films got my “Nay” rating…stay away! On the other hand, 8 got my highest “Yay” rating and 13, about half, rated “Okay” – still worth seeing.
Here are my top 5 and bottom 3 for the summer. They’ll all be on DVD soon, so keep this in mind when you head for the Redbox:
Inside Out
The characters, emotions, and ideas in this movie stayed with me long after I left the theater
Mr. Holmes
Made me think of Sherlock Holmes as a real-life person, it's as much about the people around him in his old age
Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation Yay
Everything you want in a summer blockbuster: action, suspense, heroes, and things blowing up
The Gift
Suspenseful stalker movie takes all kinds of twists and turns, I really liked the surprises
Straight Outta Compton
Great characters and storytelling made this a riveting movie even for this non-hip-hop fan
I thought this was just for kids and not nearly as good as the Despicable Me original
To me, this movie drowned in its plot and its wordy explanations of what was going on
Man from UNCLE
It didn't have any of the cheesy TV show fun of the original, and wasn't great as an action blockbuster either