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HBD To Michael Jackson - His Influence Is Everywhere!

Michael Jackson's music and influence is everywhere you go. You see it in movies, commercials, and even ET posed for a picture with him. To commemorate Michael's birthday, we wanted to share just how many references there are out there to MJ and how he's shaped the world with his music.

Macy's A Capella Challenge Commercial:
It's fitting that the children are singing one of the Jackson 5's best jams for this song.

Pentatonix does "The Evolution of Michael Jackson":
We're sure Michael would be proud of how on point the team of Pentatonix does with his range of music.

Zoolander Faces Off With Hansel:
During the walk-off, "Beat It" by MJ plays, and sets the scene for this ridiculously hilarious part of the movie between Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson. Oh, and a cameo by David Bowie, just because.

Clerks 2 Goes Cheese:
The movie derived from the old 90's cult classic Clerks lacked the same pensive "movie about nothing" and turned into more of a raunchy rom-com when sequencing up, but that didn't stop Kevin Smith from poking fun at movie dance scenes when people fall in love. This is probably the only appropriate scene in the movie, but it's totally worth the "ABC" Jackson 5 reference.

Thriller: The Ultimate Party Favor
Jennifer Gardner is a 13 year old in a 30 year old's body for - well, duh - 13 Going on 30, but when she was 13, Thriller was the prime appropriate thing to play when a party needed to come back to life from the zombie world. She nails the dance with Mark Ruffalo and co - and the moonwalk by her boss? Yeah, that's the guy who plays Gollum in Lord of the Rings, felt you should know.

Chris Tucker Shows His Moves in Rush Hour 2:
Chris Tucker was in Michael Jackson's music video "Rock My World," so he had one-on-one training with MJ to get his moves down. According to Chris, he still made a mistake and Michael called him out on it. In one of his stand-ups, he says Michael called him to tell him he saw Rush Hour 2 and that he was kicking with the wrong leg.

The Weeknd Channels His Inner MJ:
The crooner has been linked in influence to Michael in his sound, especially with his most popular single out right now "I Can't Feel My Face." But The Weeknd has actually covered Jackson's "Dirty Diana" both live and in studio. He's the only person we've yet to see do a great job trying to cover the classic.

And, here's the picture of Michael Jackson and ET, just because I know you were curious:

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