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Hugh Jackman Vs. Jim Carey: Who Spoofed Who Better?

Well, Dubsmash put Hugh Jackman into an unintentional spoof battle with Jim Carrey. Hugh took on the over-zealous and iconic "SMOKIN'" from The Mask, but Jim wasn't going to let him get away with it so easy...

Hugh Jackman should just create an account for his Dubsmash posts... I could watch these all day:

#JimCarrey mate trying my best to do justice! Clearly, I should stay in my own lane.

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And Jim Carey should create a hair product line, because for some reason, he can make his hair do whatever, just by pulling on it:

Now, Jimmy Fallon needs to bring on Jim Carrey and do a spoof movie trailer for the next Wolverine that's slated to come out in 2017...

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