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Jennifer Lawrence: Highest Paid Actress On Forbes

We love the way Forbes described this announcement: "Jennifer Lawrence may have been made famous by The Hunger Games, but she’s certainly not short of bread."

The star made $52 Million over the past year, outranking fellow actresses like Scarlett Johannson and Melissa McCarthy.

Still, with the women rounding out an 18 person list that share $281 million between them, the men still make more, rounding out a 34-person list at $991 million.

Considering the fact that JLaw did make it known that Bradley Cooper got more money than her for American Hustle, it became a Hollywood discussion of payment on men versus women, so in her own Jennifer-type-way, she made a statement.

When you hold in comparison at the top of the male list is Robert Downey Jr at $80 million, it's an eye opener.

Jennifer is listed for 5 movies to be released, according to IMDB between now and 2016.


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