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Ryan Seacrest To Host The Olympics?

It's true. As if Ryan Seacrest didn't already have enough to do - now he's hosting the 2016 Rio Olympic Games

According to The Hollywood Reporter "The show will be live, like much else on Seacrest's resume, and feature a mix of interviews, human interest stories and a round-up of the day's news. It will be filmed outside of Copacabana."

Seacrest had already been involved in previous years, as he was a correspondent for the 2012 London setup, and was present for the closing ceremonies. He must have gotten some good ratings, because NBC wanted him to helm the ship this time.

He's also super excited, as you can expect:


But of course, not everyone can take this new role seriously for Seacrest:

Still, if there's anything good we can bring from this, is that we knew Ryan was gunning for the job long before he got it:

Seacrest out!

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