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Is Lindsay Lohan Writing Her Own Tell-All Book?

Apparently Lindsay Lohan finally is going to tell her story... Whether that's by herself personally or to a publisher, we're still unsure. 

According to E!, back in 2013, she had as many as 10 different publishers wanting her story. Now she's posting teasers on her Instagram, which are pretty vague.

#ciaofornow @lavishalice happy birthday 🙏🏻❤️🔝🙏🏻❤️ teaser for my book FYI #karma

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Lavish Alice, a clothing line that Lohan has a subsidiary collection with, has been her pet project as of late, and she wishes the line a "Happy Birthday" along with the teaser.

It seems to look like Lindsay is trying to stir up some talk, while filming a clip of the skyline outside, walking through a dark room. E! initially picked up on her link and has reached out to her camp for comment.

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