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There's Hope For The Olsen Twins After All!?

Netflix boss Ted Sarandos says EMPHASIS ON MIGHT on bringing in Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen to Fuller House

"The Olsen twins are teetering on whether or not they'll be around," Netflix's Ted Sarandos told reporters Summer TCA press tour, according to E!

Being that this was their on-screen family, the will they / won't they teeter-totter makes for some interesting headlines! Since the beginnings of Fuller House, the squad has been able to assemble the rest of the cast, so my bets are they make one special appearance at the end of the season as a cliffhanger.

For example, something crazy is going down drama wise, like someone gets sick or something, and then Michelle comes home from college when she finds out. Like GASP, it's Michelle. End Scene. 

Let's hope, because the promo I saw for the Unauthorized Full House documentary from Lifetime is less than flattering to the entire cast:

I, for one, will not be watching that Lifetime movie.

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