A Bones and Sleepy Hollow Crossover In The Works?!

How in the world FOX intends to pull this off, we've got no idea, but E! has learned that the network has plans to do a crossover between it's two hits Bones and Sleepy Hollow.

For those that aren't avid watchers of either show, here's the conundrum:

-Bones takes place in present day times, no supernatural, full of mystery, but analytical suspense that always turns up to have an explanation.

- Sleepy Hollow is full of supernatural, has no analytical nature, but is still full of mystery, and most of the time is a continuous chase after an explanation that results in supernatural answers.

So how can you mesh these two together? There's a couple different ways they could cross paths, if you think about it.

Say, for example, the pair from Sleepy Hollow are in present day, and they decide to go to the Smithsonian? Or they are called in to help Brennan and Booth solve a case from Ichabod's era? Or Bones partakes in a Castle-like flashback that tosses the whole episode under the bus to make a compelling, creative, stand alone episode? Or maybe Ichabod's gifts become National Security, and they think he killed someone, so Booth has to go check it out, with Brennan in tow.

Who knows, but you could create a million types of conspiracy theories on this one. All I know is that if Bones was still single, or Booth for that matter, I'd wish an Ichabod/Bones and Booth/Abbie hook ups.

We'll see what lies in store for these upcoming seasons, but we can honestly say, we'll be watching this crossover for sure!


Amy Cooper is a writer and pop culture fact nerd, and on multiple occasions has been referred to as a “Walking iPod.”