Mark Laurence...Minions Are Taking Over

"Minions" made millions in this first weekend, and will probably make over a billion dollars before their brand new movie leaves theaters several months from now. The final weekend figure is over $115 million, and that is the 2nd best animated movie opening of all time.  Add huge international ticket sales and “Minions” has almost made half a billion dollars in just 3 days. Amazing…especially considering the reviews haven’t been all that great.

What’s the #1 biggest animated movie opening of all time?  The one movie bigger than “Minions”?  You’ll be surprised to find out…it’s “Shrek the Third” which is Bigger than “Frozen," bigger than the Minions’ older brother, “Despicable Me” and bigger than any of the “Toy Story” movies.

I’m guessing we’ll see more Minions in the future, right?