Ed Sheeran Confirms Working With The Weeknd

Ed Sheeran is friends with everyone, I swear. He's the male Taylor Swift

The newest gasp of "OH MY GOSH YES" is the newest story Ed has of drinking with The Weeknd. Apparently Ed was invited to a house party at The Weeknd's, who is rumored to throw awesome parties. After hanging out, he decided he wanted to record a song with him. He ended up going back and working on the song the next day, which Ed describes as "really, really (bleep) awesome."

Ed told Zane Lowe on his radio show, "In my head I’m like, ‘The Weeknd doesn’t want to write a song!’ The Weeknd doesn’t want to work with anyone. He’s got one feature on his album, which is Kanye West. He doesn’t want to do that.”

It had been rumored that The Weeknd had a feature with Kanye West coming up, so Ed sort of confirmed that (probably accidentally). 

Let's hope we get a taste of both of those soon. As of May, The Weeknd was shooting down rumors himself about an August release with this tweet:

As of right now, The Weeknd is still riding his way on "Earned It" from Fifty Shades of Grey, and his two latest singles "I Can't Feel My Face" and "The Hills," which are both topping the charts at the same time as of July 6:


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