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National "I Forgot" Day: 10 Fun Facts About Your Favorite Singers/Celebs

Today is National I Forgot Day. Normally reserved for when you forget a birthday or anniversary, we are taking it a step further. Here are 10 things you might’ve forgotten (or never even known) about your favorite celebrities.

Kim Kardashian used to be Paris Hilton’s personal assistant:  Yes, Kim K and Paris weren’t just BFFs back in the day. Kim was Paris’ personal assistant, and even had to clean her closet! 

Taylor Swift appeared on an episode of CSI in 2009:  T-Swift played rebellious teenager Hayley Jones in the episode “Turn, Turn, Turn” and her song “You’re Not Sorry” was remixed for the show.

Kanye West was briefly a telemarketer:  He took up the job to pay his mom rent, which was apparently $200. I’m pretty sure North West’s diapers ran for at least that much.

Nolan Gould (actor who plays Luke in Modern Family) is a member of Mensa:  Yes, the goofy kid that takes after his father in the show is basically a genius in real life.

The All-New Mickey Mouse Club
had some pretty famous mouseketeers:  The lineup included celebs such as Justin Timberlake, Ryan Gosling, Keri Russell, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. They’re probably the coolest people to ever don the mouse ears.

Jennifer Lawrence starred in a commercial for “My Super Sweet 16.”:  Yes, the “Hunger Games” star played a spoiled brat in 2005. And it’s hilarious.

Channing Tatum was in the music video for Ricky Martin’s “She Bangs”:  See if you can spot the “Magic Mike” star. Just let us know when you give up.

Katy Perry used to be a Christian pop singer:  She released her first album under her real name, Katy Hudson. Quite a far cry from “I Kissed a Girl.”

Drake was an actor on Degrassi: The Next Generation:  He played Jimmy Brooks, a high school athlete who was shot and became paralyzed.

Maroon 5 appeared on a 1997 episode of Beverly Hills 90210:  Back then, Adam Levine and company were known as Kara’s Flowers. They were still only high school seniors at the time.


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