Sue Tabb...Ben And Jen Are Over, Say It Isn't So

So it’s officially splitsville for Bennifer. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner have confirmed they are getting a divorce. Most people react to the news with the callous indifference we’ve come to expect from failed Hollywood unions. They think about it for 2.7 seconds and move on. Next!
Not me.
I am heartsick by the news. I know it’s silly but the heart feels what the heart feels and I am borderline devastated. It brings me back to the Brad Pitt/Jennifer Aniston split which still, 10 years later, makes me just angry. I can’t even bring myself to watch Mr. and Mrs. Smith; it’s too painful a reminder.
So back to the current “conscious uncoupling.” My husband was unfazed by the news and my co-host David O’Leary was actually enthusiastic about the prospects of an unattached Jennifer Garner (really?). Both of those reactions make more sense but I’m going to have my day. I can be sad about my fake celebrity friends. Maybe it’s just that we all root for the “happily ever after” thing. Oh well, the end.