David Allan Boucher...Perfect Together, Except For That!

Perfect together...except for that!

I love hearing about couples who love to do things together. It's great when they share a hobby, love of music, TV shows, gardening, etc.
"We're so in love we do EVERYTHING together"!
Although there is ONE thing I rarely hear couples say they like to do together. And that is....going to the gym! Not just the gym, but running, jogging, bikes riding... Maybe it because of different pacing? ("When we jog, he/she is always slowing me down")? Maybe it's because we use workout time as "me" time...time to unplug from the world...and even our partner?
Or maybe we don't want someone to see is grunting and sweaty...unless it's, well, you know...in a more romantic situation. 🙂
What is it about couples that they don't like to exercise together.

Here's a WSJ article that nailed it:

Can Your Honey Be Your Workout Buddy?
"Spouses can be embarrassed to work out in front of each other, or become competitive"