SHONDA RHIMES DID WHAT?! See the New "McDreamy"

Okay. I'm calm. I'm calm.

No I'm not. What was Shonda Rhimes thinking?! Say hello, Grey's Anatomy fans - or potentially former Grey's fans after this announcement! The cast is getting a new surgeon on deck - and if you could take Patrick Dempsey and morph him with Billy Ray Cyrus, that's exactly who he looks like!

His name is Martin Henderson, and though he is a smokin' good looking man who's going to be the next McSomething, we wonder if it's going to actually be a McFlop.

Man, Shonda must have been really irritated with Dempsey after his alleged fling with another cast mate that helped end his marriage and role on the show, because this is almost a stab in the back to all those years that Derek Shepherd was our Surgeon/Angel.

E!Online shares that Henderson is not a stranger to Rhimes junkies, as he was on her old TV Show Off The Map.

Still, as a Grey's purist, I guess I'm just going to sit there, stress-baking like Izzie, drinking like Meredith, and dancing it out like Cristina, still trying to survive the loss of McDreamy.



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