(Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images)

Lion King Vs. Aladdin at LaGuardia Airport!

If you're a Disney enthusiast, you have to watch this one! Now, the cast of Lion King is no stranger to improv singing in strange places, but what happens when you get the cast of Lion King the Musical with Aladdin the Musical in the same airport terminal? An awesome free performance! That's just what happened at LaGuardia Airport when both casts got stuck for a six hour delay. 
Onlookers brought out their cameras and captured the casts having a sing-off, both a cappela, and pretty on point! The Lion King cast is especially seasoned, as the Geine from Aladdin points out, but the "Arabian Nights" cast holds their own for creativity, even when it comes to improv rapping. 
Of course, The Lion King cast is always amazing, so this is totally a must see: 


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