David Allan Boucher...How Does Music Make You Feel?

I think I noticed it when I got my first car, and the radio was my best friend. I noticed songs had a special effect on me. When a song came on that got me thinking about a girl that didn't know I existed, I got mellow. Whenever a fast song came on that I liked, I ended up driving faster. When a song came on that reminded me of someone special...I would sing it out loud in the privacy of my car. That’s when I learned that songs had a special effect on me. They affected my feeling, they brought back memories, they painted pictures, they help set a mood. I also realized that when I was tense, certain songs made me feel peaceful. How about you? Certain songs always put you in a good mood? ...or THE mood? Certain songs that make you think of someone special who has touched your life?

The Mental Health Benefits of Music http://www.empowher.com/emotional-health/content/mental-health-benefits-music

"Music plays a role in everyone’s life to a certain extent. Some more than others.

Each of us has our own preferences, some of us a little more eclectic than others.

But each of us reaches for music to create a mood."