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Johnny Depp: The Dogfather Chronicles - Jail time for Captain Jack?

Somehow, as Americans, I guess we don't see what the big deal is, but Australia’s battle with Johnny Depp about bringing his dogs on his private jet without going through the "proper channels" has created quite a mess for our favorite pirate.

Depp, who was working on Pirates of the Caribbean (yes, there's another one), flew in and brought his favorite pet dogs Pistol and Boo.

According to Australian government guidelines (as I'm sure you're all SO AWARE OF), you must bring the pets through the actual government channels, rather than "smuggling them in," due to health concerns for other animals.

According to People.com, if the matter goes to court, he could be fined up to $265,000 or go to jail for 10 years. Since that fine is probably chump change for Mr. Depp, we'll see how this transpires.

Barnaby Joyce, the Australian Minister for Agriculture threatened to have the dogs euthanized once they were noticed within 50 hours of arrival, and Depp left the country.

So now that Depp's dogs are fugitives, we'd like to take this moment to deem Johnny Depp "The Dogfather," and wonder why Barnaby Joyce is so against peaceful discussions, and would rather execute 2 innocent dogs.

But that would make for an epic Liam Neeson type of revenge flick though, staring Depp, attempting to right the wrongs against the Australian government… but hey, we might be jumping the shark on that one.



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