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Gwen Stefani Doesn’t Like Selfies!?

As media crazed fans, we always love a good Instagram post from the likes of our stars. I mean, there’s Taylor Swift’s Instagram, Neil Patrick Harris’s photos with his kids and husband, and if Kim Kardashian can make money off a book for it – chances are it’s something WE WANT!

Shocking note: Gwen Stefani, Pop Music’s cool crazy Aunt Eileen doesn’t dig taking selfies! Reported by HNGN, when the British edition of Cosmopolitan asked her why not, she replied that "It's so awkward. Who said it's OK for me to sit in my kitchen and take pictures of myself until I find one I like?"

It’s true – we spend so much time with our phones, and most of the time, when taking a Selfie, we will take a million of them before we find one we like! Then we need to go through the likes of FaceTune, Instagram filters, and VSCO Cam just to look the way we want. But hey, if it makes you feel good, we yell “Say Cheese!” Some awesome Selfies from our favorite stars:

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