Kardashian’s Keep It Real On Part 2 Of Bruce Special

Last night wrapped the two part special E! special Keeping Up With the Kardashians: About Bruce and it was an emotional rollercoaster.

As we’ve said before, we all know that reality shows are far from “real.” This two part special seemed to show a bit more of the new reality that the Bruce Jenner and his family are faced with now.

Some of the moments that we thought were powerful included when Khole talked with Kourtney, Scott about how and when they would tell their 5 year old son Mason about Bruce’s transition. You can only image how many families around the world may be having similar discussions.

Of course there was the “talk” that Bruce had with his former wife Kris is sure to have people talking about today. In our opinion, Kris did not come off looking very understanding to the struggle that Bruce has been living with for more than 60 years. Sure, we completely understand that she is feeling hurt, betrayed and a sense of loss. But if this show/segment was a PR move to make her seem more compassionate, we might suggest going another direction. The whole conversation between the two former spouses was simply heartbreaking.

Finally, one of the most endearing and love moments came when Kim, a former stylist, visited Bruce and did a mini consolation on his wardrobe. Not only did we learn that Bruce “stole” clothes from Kim and Kris over the years, but we also saw how much Kim love Bruce and wants to do what she can to help him be happy. It was just plain sweet.

No doubt E! will be rerunning the two part special frequently so you’ll have lots of opportunity to check it out if you missed it.


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