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Britney & Iggy Lip-Synced? Say It Ain't So!

JAY Z once said in a song, “Less steps than Britney, that means it ain’t stepped on, dig me?” Yes, it’s true.

Our former Pop Princess Britney Spears fell and lost her crown some many years ago to a slew of new wave pop stars.

Joining her old pal of Mickey Mouse Club days Christina Aguilera, Britney isn’t necessarily a has-been, but more of a once-was.

Brit’s rejuvenation in the form of her Vegas stint and pairing up with Iggy Azalea (something Jennifer Lopez also tried to capitalize on with “Booty”), Ms. Spears pushes the envelope with “Pretty Girls,” but then the envelope fell off the table.

Flash to the Billboard Music Award performance, Brit’s breaks out the 90’s moves similar to a low intensity pace of a Jane Fonda workout tape.

Glorified in the past, Britney’s performances used to be the highlight of the show, but in comparison to Taylor Swift’s star studded Sin-Kitty movie-esque premiere, it wasn’t able to hold up as a notable part of the show.

Even with Iggy set at the helm, the lip-syncing duo basically paced the stage, Milli Vanilli-ing it up, making sure that people knew that they were “sooooo pretty!”

We submit this cringe worthy evidence for your view displeasure:

Amy Cooper is a writer and pop culture fact nerd, and on multiple occasions has been referred to as a "Walking iPod."