Cooking with Mariah Carey

Just when we thought that Mimi had done it all low and behold we get treated to yet another of this diva’s talents, cooking.

Thanks to the team at Funny or Die, we get to see firsthand how Mariah Carey makes Frito Pie on her new “show” Cooking with Mariah.

It seems that it was a lyric from her new song “Infinity” that inspired the recipe featured in the video. Of course we’re talking about this brilliant wordsmithing: “Boy, you actin' so corny like Fritos.”

In the video we learn many things from Mariah including that she once had an Italian lover named Frito who stole her car and that you should always wear a big diamond ring when you make Frito Pie.

Look at Mariah go…a successful singing career, actress, mother of twins, her own perfume, residency at Caesars Palace and now a cooking show. Mimi truly is a renaissance woman.

Now pass me some of that Frito Pie please.