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Sean Lowe Calls “Bachelorette” Twist "Degrading”

Sean Lowe doesn’t like biting the hand that feeds him, but that doesn’t mean he won’t.

The former star of “The Bachelor” wrote a lengthy blog post trashing producers’ decision to name both Kaitlyn and Britt for “The Bachelorette,” with the male contestants “choosing which woman they’d like” to hand out the roses.

While he asserted that the guys’ decision would be made the first night, E! Online reports that they haven’t decided when one woman will be eliminated, “if at all.”

Still, he writes, “I know this show is already awkward and degrading – especially if it’s not handle well by the main star.” (Looking at you, Juan Pablo.)

Then Lowe sets up his three reasons why they shouldn’t have two women, primarily because it “transfers the power back to the men on the show specifically designed for the women.”

His other reasons are that it’s “just a ratings ploy” and that the new season will have even less of a chance of working out, because the producers “selected girls for my season whom they thought were well suited for me.”

As for his wife, Catherine, he says she “thinks it’s disgusting.”

Tell us how you really feel! But seriously, let us know if you agree with Sean down below!


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