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Lady Gaga Called Up Julie Andrews Before “Sound of Music” Tribute

Julie Andrews recently made a “new friend” in Lady Gaga, but their friendship actually took off a few days before Mother Monster’s “Sound of Music” tribute.

Andrews tells PEOPLE that Gaga called her up on the phone before the Oscars to let her know that she was singing the medley in her keys, as a way to “honor” the original Maria.

“She called me about 10 days before and she said, ‘I just want to talk to you and make sure I don’t offend,” Andrews told PEOPLE. “It was very generous of her.

Of course, the outcome of their discussion is clear, considering Gaga knocked the tribute out of the park during the Academy Awards last month, ending it by giving Andrews a big hug.

The singer clearly has the singing down, and she’s signed on to star in season 5 of FX’s “American Horror Story,” so perhaps one day Gaga can star in a hit musical of her very own.

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