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Katie Holmes Might Be Dating Jamie Foxx After All

Jamie Foxx might be the Harry to Katie Holmes’s Sally, because these two seem to be more than just friends.

Back in October 2013, it was reported that the two longtime friends had been dating for a while, which they denied at the time.

But “Us Weekly” got their hands on a photo of the two from February, sitting together holding hands and perhaps playing “a little game of footsie.”

People” alleges that they’ve actually secretly been together for “well over a year,” and, according to “Us,” things have gotten pretty serious.

“Jamie is someone she can trust and have fun with,” a source tells “Us.” “She’s getting everything from Jamie that she didn’t get with Tom [Cruise].”

Katie hasn’t dated much since her divorce from Cruise back in 2012

How dare you lie to us, Joey Potter! Check out the photo at and weigh in on that body language down in the comments!


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