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Justin Bieber Boots David Arquette from Birthday Shindig

David Arquette, you can’t sit with us.

It sounds as if Justin Bieber pulled a “Mean Girls” on Courteney Cox’s ex-husband while celebrating turning 21 in Las Vegas over the weekend.

Rumor had it that David Arquette was asked to leave after showing up “too drunk,” according to Gossip Cop.

E! News tells a slightly different story, which was that the Biebs asked the “Never Been Kissed” star to leave because they’re not besties.

“Justin wanted David to leave because he wanted to have a private party with his close friends. This was in his suits after the nightclub appearance,” an insider tells E! “And while he likes David, David is not part of Justin’s inner circle and so David was asked to leave, which he did.”

Honestly, it’s probably good that Justin’s not trying to hang out with party hardy dudes his father’s age. Seriously, Jeremy Bieber is more than enough to handle.

But was it because David wore a tank top two days in a row? Weigh in on the story down in the comments!


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