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Twitterverse Is Not Pleased With Iggy Azalea’s Cameo in ‘Furious 7’

Here's further proof that Iggy Azalea cannot catch a break.

The much-criticized Australian rapper and "Fancy" hitmaker is taking major heat online over her brief cameo in the new Furious 7.’ Azalea is in the film for all of 15 seconds, with just two lines of dialogue, but social media is rife with slams such as "the sound of her voice literally makes Michelle Rodriguez want to punch someone," "Lol @ everyone in the theater sighing during Iggy azalea's scene in Furious 7" and "I never knew why people hated Iggy Azalea until I saw fast n furious 7...Now I know!"

Azalea told Access Hollywood that her brief appearance "took like 16 hours of setting up and going over and I definitely have an appreciation for actors now."

In addition to general criticism about her talent from many quarter, Azalea is facing accusations from Compton rapper Skeme that he ghost-wrote the verses for "Fancy," though he's not offered any proof of that claim.

Azalea is nominated for a dozen Billboard Music Awards, which will be presented May 17 on ABC, and hits the road for her postponed headlining tour on September 18 in San Diego, following a one-off July 11 appearance at the RBC Blues Fest in Ottawa, Canada.



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