Destiny’s Child Had a Reunion Over the Weekend

Not that we’d ever say no to a Destiny’s Child reunion, but the trio reunited to make us “Say Yes.”

Beyonce got back together with Kelly Rowland to sing Michelle Williams’s song “Say Yes” at the Stellar Gospel Music Awards on Saturday, according to

The three ladies sang together on the original track, released last year, and appeared in the music video too.

Along with an Instagram photo of their reunion, Williams wrote, “I was so happy to have my sisters @kellyrowland and @beyonce join me on stage to perform "Say Yes" for an amazing crowd. I really hope that this performance touches and heals someone. Nothing like old times!”

She later tweeted, "I'm in tears and laughing at the same time reading what guys are tweeting me! Surprises are FUN! I had fun keeping this secret!"

For now, there’s a brief clip from the performance, which has Bey taking the reins on a high note before letting Michelle take it from there.

Take a look at the preview before the show airs next weekend, and if you haven’t already, see the Destiny’s Child all grown up in the official “Say Yes” music video.


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