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Channing Tatum Uses Twitter To Find Backpack He Left In NYC Cab

Channing Tatum is breathing a sigh of relief after a hectic weekend where he left a backpack in a New York City cab and took to Twitter for help in finding it.

The ‘Magic Mike” star tweeted, “Dropped off at 42nd street in New York City and left my bag in the cab!” on the morning of April 18th.  About a half an hour later, Channing tweeted this plea to his over seven million followers:

Seriously, left my black backpack in a cab near NYC's 42nd street. If you find it, email me at [email protected] Thanks!— Channing Tatum (@channingtatum) April 18, 2015
Fortunately for Channing, his dedicated followers got on the case and were able to track down his missing backpack by the next day.  He would express his gratitude (on Twitter, of course) by saying:

To everyone who tried to help and to the good New York Samaritan who found my bag and asked for nothing in return, thank you. Thank you all!— Channing Tatum (@channingtatum) April 20, 2015
While we’re thrilled that Channing got his things back, we can’t help but wonder what was in that backpack that would cause Channing to go in such a panic.  Hmmm…could it have been the script for “Magic Mike XXXL?!”  I guess we’ll never know!


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