Photo by Fernando Leon/Getty Images

‘Seinfeld’ Heading To Hulu

Today (April 29th) is Jerry Seinfeld’s birthday, and as if he didn’t already have plenty to celebrate, he now has 180 million reasons to look forward to turning 61.

Per Variety, the entire Seinfeld series will soon be available for streaming on Hulu, with Jerry, co-creator Larry David and distributors Sony TV and Time Warner’s Castle Rock making $180 million in this deal.

(For you stat fanatics, there were 180 episodes total in the series, which means Hulu paid out a cool $1 million per episode.)

While it hasn’t been announced yet when Seinfeld will be available for streaming binge-watching, we do know one thing:  We’ll be sure to have plenty of Junior Mints, Black & White cookies and many varieties of cereal to snack on when the time comes.


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