Photo by Mike Windle/Getty Images

LL Cool J Is Truly One Of The Busiest Superstars Around

LL Cool J is not only one mega talented guy, he’s also one super busy guy.

This week he sat down with the team at CBS This Morning to talk about all of the things he’s working on now.

Some really cool (pun intend) fun facts were revealed in the segment, including the fact that LL’s not a fan of tofu. There goes our idea of signing him up for the Tofu of the Month club.

We also learned that he actually trained with the Marines / US Navy Seals to prepare for his role NCIS Los Angeles. Can you believe that the show’s been on for six seasons already? Seem like it just debuted.

While we all know that he’s the host of the fun new show Lip Sync Battle on Spike TV, LL shared that he’s also one of the show’s producers alongside Jimmy Fallon, John Krasinski and Stephen Merchant.

According to LL, "I never knew that the show was going to have the success that it's having. I'm very, very grateful and happy that happened."

He didn’t mention it in the interview, but remember that LL also has hosted the Grammys. That is one busy schedule. I guess when you’re that talented you really are in that much more in demand.

We’ve lined up some of the most memorable moments so far from Lip Sync Battle for your viewing enjoyment. Check them out below and enjoy!