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Ben Affleck Addresses Controversy Surrounding PBS Show

Ben Affleck took to Facebook yesterday afternoon to finally address the recently publicized fact that he requested some of the results of his family history be censored from the PBS docu-series “Finding Your Roots.”

For those not familiar with the show “Finding Your Roots,” famed Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates Jr., with the help of additional researchers, helps celebrities trace their family history. Ken Burns, Kevin Bacon, Jessica Alba, Steven King, Nas, Sting, Tina Fey and many more celebs have taken part is this really cool show over its two seasons.

Wikileaks recently posted many documents and emails from the Sony hacking incident last year and according to PBS several of those spoke to the fact that “movie star Ben Affleck wanted his slave-owner ancestor “censored” from the popular PBS documentary series.”

Affleck posted this response to the reports on his Facebook page:

Affleck also jumped in on the conversation on Facebook when he posted this is the comment section of his original post:

Thanks for the comments here. To clarify, because I see this story being framed as "censorship" on some sites, when I told Skip I was uneasy about the slave owner, he told me he had not included it in his preliminary cut because there wasn't much detail - a name and no details, so he wasn't going with it to begin with. He also told me they would do a book later with a more complete story, and I said I would be happy to participate and talk about the issues more broadly.”

In a statement from Anne Bentley, PBS Vice President, Corporate Communications said that both “PBS and WNET are conducting an internal review led by our respective programming teams of the circumstances around FINDING YOUR ROOTS episode "Roots of Freedom."”