Welcome To Tina Gao's CHOW!

Greetings fellow foodies!

Welcome to my food blog: Tina Gao's CHOW! I've been a foodie all my life, but this is my first time trying my hand at blogging about my untamed passion, so I'm uber excited to get started!

Here's a bit about my background. I was born in China and moved to the United States with my family when I was 7 years old. Like many immigrants, we took this giant leap of faith in order to pursue the American Dream. Although the journey was tough for us at first, we worked very hard over the years and are now following our passions in our chosen careers.

Delicious dessert

Growing up in China was a lot of fun and much to my family’s delight, I was never a picky eater. As you can imagine, I was immersed in authentic Chinese food and by authentic, I don't mean pupu platters or chicken fingers! Although I don't dislike Americanized Chinese food, you won't find that stuff in authentic Chinese cooking. Before I moved to the United States, I'd never had bread or cheese or anything "American," but I quickly adapted. Pretty much from the day the plane landed, my palate was open for business and it loved being introduced to a whole new world of chowlicious flavors. As a side tidbit (which is technically defined as "a small piece of tasty food"), my first name in Chinese is Tian, which means "sweet" and Gao means "tall." I'm pretty vertically challenged, but I do have my sweet moments...especially when it comes to food!

Another huge passion of mine is travel and I've had the opportunity to visit some exciting destinations around the world. I've also lived in Canada, so all of these collective travel experiences have greatly expanded my love and appreciation for all different types of food. My palate is diverse and always craving something or other! Besides eating it, as far back as I can remember, I've always enjoyed photographing and talking about food. I've often wondered how to turn this hobby into something more. With any passion you have, it's so important to give it the time, care and attention it deserves in order for it to flourish and grow. Otherwise, it’s untapped potential. I'm incredibly honored and humbled to have the opportunity to turn my food passion into a blog that I’m able to share with all of you.

To me, food is love. I dine out frequently and will be posting pictures and reviews of my foodie adventures in this blog. Come hungry! I love trying new places, so if there's anywhere you'd like me to try and blog about, please let me know. I welcome your feedback and ideas!